Bambina Ricoretta, also known as Rebecca Casado Frankel, was born in Madrid, to an American mother and Spanish father. Her  bi-national upbringing and her life experiences abroad (she has lived in Belgium, Portugal, Spain and in the US) give her an international world-view and an easy-going style of approaching life.

She has a masters in Art Direction & Set Design as well as a BA in Audiovisual Communication. Bambina Ricoretta has worked as an art director for TV, film, and photography. She manages to bring out beauty in any setting, always preserving and accentuating a visual narrative.

As a teen, she would spend hours shooting with a Minolta, using Black and White as well as color film. She spent days on end in the darkroom developing film and playing with the enlarger, creating different effects on photographic paper. Her first muse was her grandmother, a woman from a village in rural Spain (with less than 100 inhabitants and adobe houses) that fostered her passion to photograph people from humble places. 

Bambina believes that being creative and having fun while working is part of the creative process.

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